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We just wanted to say thank you for the way you've organized the spring semester in light of the coronavirus situation! Our son has enjoyed seeing his teacher and getting to know the other teachers, hearing his name (and sometimes a few friends’ names) in the hello song, and finding props around the house to make music with. Our whole family is enjoying the ability to tune in to music class at home and continue making Music Together®, plus we all love the Maracas collection. Thank you again for finding ways to make this interactive and fun, and thank you to all of the teachers for learning the technical aspects with such short notice.

This was my first Music Together class in this country.
Now I'm quite sure that Music Together provides excellent classes all over
the world.

Mihoko Aizawa

“As a professional musician, I can’t imagine a better way to introduce music to children. The classes are so fun, the teachers are so talented and caring, and the curriculum is advanced while very accessible. I’m not sure who enjoy the classes more… my son or me!” Jennifer Hamady, author of The Art of Singing.

J. Hamady

I just want to say what a highlight this has been for her over the last year and a half or so. She has other classes, but this one is the one that she regularly talks about and – even though she goes with her nanny – has been integrated into our home life. We sing the songs, we have dance parties. She loves music. I am so grateful for what this class and your team have done for our daughter.


This semester ends our family experience with Music Together - several sessions with my grandson and then several with my granddaughter. Our time has been magical, and we’ve loved all of it - the whole family has benefitted!! You are running a fantastic program (and I do know about the challenges of running programs). I commend you for your organization, communication, and most of all for the big heart that goes in to providing such a wonderful experience for our little ones.


The current Music Together session [Spring 2014] is my first and I wanted you to know how much my kids and I love it! My 2 yr old daughter loves to sing and I was so tickled when I saw her through our video monitor after she woke up from a nap. She was mimicking what her teacher had done earlier that day in class (patting fast on her lap, singing "aaahhhhhhh--!" and abruptly stopping). I often hear her singing Hello Everybody and Goodbye, So Long in her crib, while playing in her room, etc... She knows practically every song on the CD and she LOVES her teacher--as do I!! She is absolutely fabulous!!! We're so sad to be moving from the area this summer, but I have already looked into classes and they do offer it where we are moving--in the southern CA area. This is a great program and I have already told several friends about it! Keep up the great work!!


I've so enjoyed our hours of music, dance, and fun with your beautiful program so magically geared toward our dear and loved little ones. Our child has music confidence far beyond what she would have had without Music Together.


My three boys (Richard & Daniel--3 day, 2's and Larry--baby) have taken Music Together Montgomery classes since they were each 3 months old. I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed these classes. My parents, nanny, husband, and I have attended the classes with the boys and everyone raves about them. Other music classes that they have taken do not compare.

The students receive a free CD of each session's songs on the first day of class. My children love these CDs. The fall asleep to the songs during car rides and at night. Needless to say, I equate these CDs to the value of gold!

Rochelle Fink

We absolutely love Music Together! My husband is deployed right now to Afghanistan for 6 months, he left a month ago and he loves to watch the boys move and dance to the music when we are able to Skype. One of our children also sang him the "can you do this song". We do a "performance" for him with the "get your instruments" and play along song. It's fun to see the kids so into music. Our youngest child's favorite song is the PPI song (Mississippi Cat).


Cancer stinks and Music Together really cleanses us! It's a beautiful thing.

E. K.

"The music is minor but the words are major." Spencer Jones, age 3 1/2, listening to "Two Little Kitty Cats," today.


My daughter says, "Mama, I want to go to music every morning two times. . . . and two times in the evening."


Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing music into our lives! Benjamin (now 4 1/2) is just bursting into song even more than ever. One of my favorite things is how he feels completely free to change the lyrics and compose his own songs. ("Ding dong,I've got the rhythm in my tushie" brings down the house around here!).

H. M.

"When [our son] was 8 or 9 months old, he had attended the Mixed age class and until this day (he is 2 years old now) when we put the Music Together CD, in the car or at home, he is transformed! It not only has left a lasting positive impression but has helped him developmentally a great deal. He express himself a lot better/more than other kids his age..."


we LOVE the class. our now 8mo old (tomorrow) couldn't sit on her own
> at the first class and now she waves to everyone as we enter, she smiles
> and probably is the MOST attentive child in the room with eyes glued on the
> teacher and claps and sits and waves her arms to the music and bangs
> things... it is awesome to see each week how much development has taken
> place... :-)


We just MUST have Music Together classes be part of our son's week! He looooves the class, as do I. It has been the most positive experience for both of my kids and myself over the past year.


"This is the best activity I've ever experienced at Grand Oaks".
Grand Oaks Resident


In class you always talk about "audiation". It is amazing to see Libby really hearing music in her head and picking songs depending on a beat she hears around her. "Hello Everybody" is the only thing allowed in the car CD player at this point (or "Hedo Edybody").


My daughter (18 months) now says a word for music ("may-may") and requests it A LOT. We listen to all kinds of things but she is always most excited about the Sticks CD -- she starts marching and dancing as soon as she hears the first notes of the hello song.


I caught my husband singing for the first time in our lives together after taking Music Together Montgomery classes!


" You really run an exceptional program and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to take all of these classes."


This was my first Music Together experience. . . What an incredible way to introduce young children to music!!! There are two factors - the program and the instructor. I am an amateur musician, and I raised 3 sons with extensive music involvement, so I can recognize an effective program. Music Together hits all of the right notes! Our experienced and enthusiastic instructor completed the perfect situation, executing the fantastic program in superb style.

Lois Zajic

My daughter has tuned in to the art of humming and singing to herself
and I credit it to the class. We listen to music more now that we have been
taking the class and as a result she's picked up these new "abilities".

Michelle Manning

I am actually amazed that at her young age Daisy can already 'request'
most of the songs on the CD and can even sing along to many of them. It's

Amy Maurer Creel

Our daughter gets a very happy face when she hears the Music Together CD come on at home!

Kelly Hammond

It is exciting to watch Joshua and Naomi listen so much more carefully to
music than they have in the past . . .

Lynne Snyder

I love to see all the kids participating at each level - dancing, singing, interacting with the instruments.
I would like to say how wonderful it is to see Ali singing the songs she learned in class outside of class! Keep up the awesome classes!


[Our son is] only 2 years old! . . . And he has participated more and more each time. It has been great! We started when he could just barely sit up and now he walks, talks, dances and sings!

Steve and Sarah

I remain amazed and thrilled by my son's growing love of music. He demands that I play one of his CDs as soon as we get in the car, and I love hearing him "singing" from the back seat. There have been countless moments when I've laughed out loud, hearing him progress from simple "ba ba ba" sounds to the more sophisticated "umm umm umm", "oh oh oh" and -- two days ago -- "nigh nigh nigh". I also realized the other day that whenever he hears the CD say "Get your instrument and play along", he immediately begins pounding on the on the arms of his carseat. He may not have an "official" instrument handy, but he makes do!!

Wendy Busy

[Our MTM instructor] came up with all kinds of creative ways to make the class interactive and interesting from encouraging the kids to make up melody extension of the music, to various ways of dancing around the room. The class was really excellent and really fun.

Michael Gotthelf

“Mummy I can play this music without having it on the CD, just by humming it”


We first brought our twins to Music Together (in Brooklyn,
NYC) when they were 12 weeks old. What a wonderful journey it's been
from mesmerized, immobile, smiling infants to wild, wooly, musical
toddlers. We've watched them experience music at each stage their
development, and it is so cool now to hear them spontaneously start
singing the hello song to their toy trains or to start playing the
toy piano in rhythm with their dad's guitar playing. It is a really
terrific program.

Diane Webber

...when my daughter is throwing a temper tantrum and nothing else will get her to re-focus, I use the "bah, baaah" in the same tone and it calms her down and helps her re-focus...it's great. The moment we get in the car, she points to the radio until I turn on the MT CD, she sings and mimics back the sounds on the CD, she loves playing her instruments now and is using other random objects as instruments... It's been amazing to see her grow in such a short time. Great class! Thanks!

Eanna Orns

Although she is very shy in class, Liv at 20 months, reguarly breaks into song at home and knows "the words" to most of the songs we sing. For a long time, I could only coax her to sleep by singing the Hello song.

Sonja McHugh

My 2-year-old son has loved the song Ram-Sam-Sam from the beginning and part-way through the semester he started singing it to himself at home and in the car (it was actually the first song he ever sang all the way through). But it got even better. One day he was eating lunch and he started singing "A-yum yum yum, A-yum-yum-yum" to the tune of Ram-Sam-Sam! I was so amazed and impressed--I still can't believe he has internalized that song well enough to play around with the words. L.G.


[Our MTM teacher] helped us set [our son] on a musical course that I
hope he continues for many years to come. Thanks for everything. C.R


It has been wonderful to watch both my kids increase their confidence with
the music. Now they both join in with the singing and the hand gestures and
the movement. It has done so much for their confidence and love of music.
Thank you!! A.S.

All three of my grown children now know these songs by heart and
spontaneously start singing them at family get togethers. Then we laugh
a lot. A.D.


My children have begun to make up their own songs, both substituting
words to the tunes they learned in class and making up entirely new
songs. I even spontaneously made up a song to get through a time at home
that was boring and repetitive for me, and it has become part of our
family repertoire. I don't think that would have happened before the
Music Together classes sparked our creativity. Thank you for bringing out
our 'inner composers"!

Yael Fischman

My 8 1/2 year old third grader returned from school, excitedly exiting the bus. She retold the tale of how she was quietly singing to herself (an extremely common occurrence, as she sings all the time) "No More Pie", when the friend sitting next to her began to sing the replies. Then, these two cool 'tweens' burst into a full-spirited rendition of the song in its entirety. It turns out her friend also has a younger sibling enrolled in a different Music Together class this session. It is a testament to your musical selections that these two older siblings would both be willing to listen to and find enjoyment in the class CD--------and not declare it "baby music". Our entire family reaped benefits from Music Together and we thank you!

E. Smith

I must tell you that Jack has an absolutely wonderful time in Music Together! He truly enjoys the class, and so do I. As a woman who really can't carry a tune, I was a little nervous, but our instructor creates an open and accepting environment where Jack and I both feel totally comfortable.

J. Stone

"We love Music Together! We have been participating since our daughter was 9.5 months old. Thank you for bringing music into our lives!!”

This has been the best early childhood program we've participated in. Can't wait to start another session.

Music Together is our favorite activity!  LB


As soon as we got home [from Music Together class today. My daughter] ran to the stereo and was pointing and waving her hands for me to put the music on. She started dancing right away and sat right down when the "Riding in the car" song came on and did almost all the actions, it was so GREAT! She wanted more Music Together!

E. Gris

Before we moved back to Montgomery County, my child was in a mixed-age preschool for two years, and she learned so many wonderful things from the varied experience as a little one, and as a "big one." I think it has helped shape who she's becoming. Now she's the oldest in our MT class, and I think it works beautifully. Thank you!


It's been our first experience of music classes and I've been amazed at both how much my daughter has lost her inhibitions and improved in her speech. We listen to the CDs everyday, during which she does all the accompanying moves (whether it's the munching squirrel or the swimming fish), and she seems to sing constantly!


The Hello song is my duaghter's favorite song. She starts "dancing" as it
begins, even though she can't stand! lol


We have taken Music Together over the past several years, and cannot thank you enough for the wonderful program you run. Both I and my children loved every class!


Even though we've been singing to him since the day he was born, it wasn't until after taking Music Together classes that our son started singing back to us. is the first time he's been singing back.

"Play 'bomb-bomb'", he asked us. I asked what "bomb-bomb" was, assuming it must involve the guns & fighting typical of boy behavior. He explained that to play bomb-bomb, he would say "bom, bom" into my ear, and then I would tell that secret to his brother... "Just like Ms. Nancy does", he said. How great is
that?! Just thought I'd share what a positive musical impact Music Together has
had on our family. :)


Our 20 month old woke up this morning singing "Hello everybody". It was adorable - except for the fact that it was 5am. As she becomes increasingly verbal, it's fun to see that some of her first words/sentences are from music class.


Music together is a total game changer. We adore it. Crazy that this spring will be our 9th (out of 9!!) unit (plus summers!)
Music class is the favorite hour for my almost 4 year old, my 10 month old and ME. It's super engaging, super fun and the music is realllly good and not annoying at all. Tons of world music and traditional tunes and songs written by the Music Together people to teach specific tonal and rhythm patterns. It is HANDS DOWN the most developmentally appropriate kids activity I have come across. They have zero expectations that kids will participate and 100 percent expectations of adult participation. This kind on modeling works brilliantly, even kids who wonder the room go home and sing and dance and play to the music. I am a teacher, raised by a teacher, this is legit early childhood education.


My son Isani took classes with Miss Liz and it was absolutely one of the best programs we did with/for him before he started preschool. We are so looking forward to have our daughter meet and enjoy classes with Miss Liz.


 MTM has played a great role in making music a part of our child’s life. She seeks it out and has started singing both along with the songs she knows and independently, which is a great joy to witness as a parent. So even though she’s not always inside the circle, she’s definitely listening!


I can’t express how much my family loves your program.  My daughter leads “family music class” almost every day and my 15 month old son brings me my phone so I will turn on the Music Together app.  


Our family has been attending Music Together Montgomery since our son was 1 year old.  When things transitioned to Facebook and Zoom he's continued to enjoy the classes.  With Dad now in California and our son on the east coast, we use MTM as part of our family time, whereby each parent is on FaceTime on their phones and has Facebook up on their computers.   This set up allows us to all experience the joys of the classes at the same time as one another.  When we attend the zoom classes we can all login to the same room and enjoy the sessions together. Music Together Montgomery is an important part of our son's growth and socialization.  He looks forward to specific days of the week based on which teacher is leading on that respective day.  All of the teachers are great and the administrative staff has been nothing but helpful.  We love Music Together Montgomery.